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Made to order- ensuring freshness! Gemstone infused exfoliating salt scrub made to give balance and support to the desired Chakra you want to work on. Or can do combined either Upper 3 Heart alone or Lower 3. Contains Gemstones!

Chakra Scrubs - 4oz

  • Wash or rinse skin first. Do not use on open scrapes, wounds, or cuts as it will sting! Apply scrub to wet skin and rub entire body gently in a circular motion to exfoliate your skin. While scrubbing think of the areas of your body and in your life that you want to be supported in. Send love and balance to that Chakra and then to all of them. Rinse off with warm to cool water. Towel dry. Feel the softness of your skin. Moisturize as needed with shea butter or other natural skin moisturizers.  Reflect on how you feel. Journal it!

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