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A healing box of tools selected to support you to de-stress, unwind and unplug from the world and tune into your Higher Self. Activate Inner Life! is the theme of The Bliss Box.  Items it may contain are : candles, teas, affirmations, journals, essential oils and much more, all to balance the Chakras. Choose a Bliss Box according to the Chakra or Energy Center that you need the most support with. Prices for the Bliss Box start at $65 . The Bliss Box can also be customized to your specific needs or a specific occasion eg. Baby Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, New Home, Going away to school, New Love, etc 

T h e B l i s s B o x

  • Arise before Dawn pray and meditate daily or as often as you can to start. Take daily time in sacred silence. Light your incense & your candle (on fireproof and safe surfaces). Be still pray and meditate, then journal.

    Carry your gemstone daily and your reminder stone. Let them be your reminders to take time to go inward and hear your messages as you journey through your busy schedule.

    Wear your Blissful Adornment Jewelry! Be inspired! Let others see it and reflect back to your own beauty of self & soul. to you. Tell them it is a sacred reminder of the work you do on yourself for yourself and by yourself. 

    Whenever you see your beautiful Bliss Box and the lovely lady on the top be reminded to Activate your Inner Life! Take your sacred time, get your special messages from The Divine Source of All. Your messages are waiting for you to tune into them.  

    You will know what to do with your special Bliss Box once you receive it. 

    The Bliss Box only can be of support to you when you use your tools!  

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